Lean Logistics

Optimisation and process improvement of material flow management is a key topic affecting the function and efficiency of the whole supplier chain. During the past decades, numerous methods and concepts have been developed and implemented with different results, thereby making it necessary to choose the right ones according to individual needs.

We understand lean logistics as:

an integrated approach with application of “lean elements” aimed at the building of an efficient material flow from a supplier to a customer that addresses three areas with added value for the client – time, place and form of delivery. Moreover, we definitely do not underestimate a complex information flow and reverse material flow (complaints, packaging, waste, etc.). It represents an endless challenge of improving material flows and relations system at our client so that the client is better than the competition.

CSI Logistics

Our primary goal is:

to not only satisfy, but rather please the customers of our clients through properly adjusted processes and thus provide a competitive advantage to our clients in this economic boom period, and prepare the client’s processes for possible economic downturn.

The joint project will be:

to set clear rules of cooperation for our experts and your employees. We will work together to find the root causes of the current situation, propose ways of future process adjustment and implement the processes into your everyday practice. In order to be able to measure efficiency and productivity, we will set properly chosen KPIs and teach your employees how to efficiently work with the newly adjusted processes and/or the support IT system. During the entire period of cooperation, we will inform you through regular reports about the project progress for the purposes of the project strategic management.

The main rules of cooperation are based on

Correct understanding of our role within the whole project, mutual openness in communication, sharing transparent data and knowledge from the internal and external environments, i.e., mutual trust both on the strategic management level, and namely on the level of individual executive members of the project team.

We will, therefore, help you to achieve more efficient inventory management processes and thus provide better service to your customers.

If your company has:
  • Own warehouses of raw materials and production inputs/outputs.
  • A warehouse of finished products, which you operate yourself or through and external contractor.
  • Production supply warehouses and in-process warehouses between two production operations.
  • Goods in Kanban warehouses or in storage areas for assembly and cooperation.
  • Warehouses at suppliers (cooperation).
Or are in a situation where:
  • Or are in a situation where:
  • You are before a decision on extending the production/warehouse capacity (racks, technology, labour, ICT).
  • You consider outsourcing of inventory management and devoting more time to your core business.
  • You face growing demands for the use of technologies (Industry 4.0) not only in warehousing, but in the whole corporate material flow.

Hidden potential

During the dynamic growth period of companies in the last 3 to 5 years, in most cases, there was no time for optimisation and efficient management of supporting activities such as transport, warehousing, distribution, etc.

The newly applied technologies within the framework of Industry 4.0 are already available, but without more significant deployment in everyday practice.

Based on long-term results, we achieve double-digit savings (19%) with cost saving projects. In the case of new investments brought about by a project, the investments are adequately offset against the resulting savings.


We will provide a project supervisor.

Do you need staff?

Do you need staff for the dynamic growth of your company? We will secure the necessary staff as part of the logistic project on the basis of a contract for work.

Accounting and HR

We will further arrange for the complete accounting outsourcing of payroll and HR matters, or possibly also the complete maintenance of your accounting records.